Swaha Yoga Perth
PO Box 8244 Subiaco East, Western Australia 6008 AU
Phone: 0419872715 Website: http://www.yogaperthswaha.com/




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Swaha Inc' is a non-profit Association for the work of Satyananda Yoga in Perth & is facilitated by a group of yoga initiates & aspirants.
The term 'Swaha' relates to upliftment of consciousness & to works offered for a higher purpose.

The intention is to create a yoga community where we can share an aspiration of personal growth.

Swami Satyananda

Satyananda system of Yoga is an internationally renowned system that is firmly based in yogic tradition & has been adapted to suit the needs of contemporary living. It includes Hatha, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra & Bhakti Yogas blended in a flexible style that enables the practices to be applied according to individual needs.This provides a solid systematic step by step approach to Yoga, based on safety & common sense & it gives everyone regardless of social background, the tools for health, peace of mind & an inspired vision for their lives.

 Yoga means an experience of unity, harmony & 'oneness' embracing body, mind, emotions & spirit. Through yoga people are able to establish the peace & resilience needed to live.


A reflection of Swami Satyananda's life mission;
To take the essence of yoga and
make it meaningful in todays world

His successor Swami Niranjanananda is now directing these worldwide Yoga activities.

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