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A retreat allows us to see how the mind is constantly shaping our reality and creates our challenges and suffering. Whilst on retreat, we learn to clarify what is true and what is false.

Our workshops allow you to learn about some of the cutting edge research and applications to your life.

Retreats & Workshops

"Kirtan is not just an emotional outburst.
Rather, Kirtan becomes the means by which we dive deep into our emotions and experience our inner expansiveness".

Swami Niranjanananda

The basis of yoga is a group of structured poses linked with your breathing. Regular practice has a number of benefits including increased fitness, less anxiety and lower levels of stress.

Every part of the body should be exercised and should include relaxation, meditation and breath control.

How can we help you?

Swaha Inc is focused on providing the following services to its member and visitors alike here in Perth:

Monthly Kirtan

Yoga Classes